Every day you meet with your physician to discuss your health, test results, and your personal experience.  Every day your Coordinator is there to answer questions and offer hugs.  Every day you will experience new foods as our kitchen prepares a tasty and healthy diet designed to help you eliminate toxins from your body.

Expect a full dental examination and an additional appointment to discuss the results with your dentist.  Your structural expert will assess your body frame, posture, and any aches and pains that may need to be addressed.  Your nutritionist will use test results from your bloodwork and other assays to guide you in creating a diet that is right for your body.  Your psychologist will measure your stress and relaxation responses and help you find a path to emotional wellness.  Your fitness counselor will take the time to understand your current level of fitness and design a program for you to follow at Sanoviv for optimal health.

Did I mention the spa?  Ahhh..the spa.  Deep soaking tubs, infrared sauna, individual rooms for facials, salon services, massages, and wraps – and our spa staff have the best hands.  Over and over again we hear our guests tell us how lovingly they were touched and cared for throughout their luxurious spa treatments.  And each service is designed to help detoxify your body.

Your individual schedule is provided to you each evening after dinner so you know what to expect the next day.  If you brought a companion with you, they are welcome at all meals, movement classes, and lectures, and they may reserve spa treatments a la carte.

Whether your health calls for specific illness-targeted treatments or an overall detox, each day will bring new opportunities to learn and grow.  Next step – join us in person.  Invest in your health, invest in yourself.  And if I’m onsite when you’re visiting, come find me for a warm hello, exchange of ideas, a hug, or all three.  We’ll share the experience of Sanoviv together, knowing that Dr. Wentz designed it for you, his USANA family.