Sanoviv's Sue Ward shares nutrition wisdom


As part of our mission to provide healing and educational support to our Sanoviv guests, we are expanding our educational lectures to include samples and coupons of “Healthy Options” for our guests as they leave Sanoviv and go back to their daily lives.

We would like to offer a huge Thank You to our first partners in this cause.  Mary’s Gone Crackers was the first to jump at this opportunity and provide us with a generous amount of coupons for their delicious and Gluten Free Crackers or Gluten Free Cookie products. Please visit them at  for more information on their products, and where you can buy them in your area.

The next company to whom we extend our gratitude is Redmond Trading Company, L.C. who have supplied us with sample bottles of their exceptional product Real Salt, to be included in our Healthy Stuff Goody Bag for our Sanoviv guests.  Please visit them at for more information on the salt and the other wonderful products they sell.

This is a great beginning to an ongoing project that will ensure that Sanoviv Medical Institute continues to be the World Class leader in health, wellness treatments, education and follow-up support. We tried these items ourselves and LOVED them. I am sure that you will too.