Dear friend,
I want to share a powerful and life-changing health experience that I had in January. I hope my experience will inspire you to do something similar in your own life.


In January, my daughter Kate and I went to Sanoviv Medical Institute (you can visit them on the web at, a state-of-the-art medical facility in Rosarito Beach, Baja Mexico. Although many of my family members had been to this remarkable place, it was my first experience.

Sanoviv, which means healthy life, is a first-class medical facility that follows the medical model you always wished for. Their treatments and facilities address the health and balance of every one of the chakras, making Sanoviv the perfect place to go for anyone who has a health problem or anyone who wants to nip a potential problem in the bud.
Sanoviv, which was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz, is an accredited hospital with a surgical suite. They can perform just about any type of surgery bringing in top surgeons who specialize in various surgical procedures. They also use very innovative methods for pain relief that don’t involve a lot of drugs.
Kate and I did the health assessment, which involved not only standard tests and blood work (cholesterol, pulmonary functions, EKG, and ultrasound), but also a very thorough dental exam, dark field blood analysis, a comprehensive body composition/fitness evaluation, and vega testing. (This is a bioelectrical test system based on acupuncture meridians that checks the health of every organ in the body, including the presence of allergies, heavy metals, and other toxins.) Our test results were comprehensive and quite detailed.

Sanoviv had as many men as women. I noticed that many men appreciate the thorough analysis they receive from the Sanoviv staff because, unlike most spa experiences which are designed primarily for relaxation and renewal, Sanoviv provides a great deal of accurate, objective medical data on your current state of health.

In addition to our health evaluation, we attended a number of classes, which are available every night, on life purpose, meditation, humor, diet, the mind/body connection, and so forth. Even though this has been my life’s work, I loved the classes and got a lot out of them! As for daily exercise, we walked on paths that overlook the ocean or used the fitness facilities, which provide a variety of ways to work out. Sanoviv also has traditional spa services such a facials, various massages, and seaweed wraps. All of these services are designed to complement the detox program and are often prescribed by your individual physician at Sanoviv.
I recommend Sanoviv for anyone who wants to get and stay vibrantly healthy for as long as they live. I plan to go there once a year as an alternative to a routine physical. I know that their outstanding staff will address not only my physical body, but also my diet, lifestyle, and even my thoughts.
Modern life exposes all of us to everything from air pollution to pesticide residue on our food. In addition, emotional stresses such as worry and resentment can create a toxic environment in our bodies. In order to remain healthy, we all need a variety of ways to detoxify ourselves regularly. Having just returned from Sanoviv, where the entire environment and all the meals are set up to detoxify and heal the body, I can certainly attest to the benefits of taking time off from daily life for some cleansing.
The Sanoviv diet consists almost exclusively of fruits, vegetables, fresh vegetable juices, and shots of wheat grass juice, which is known for its detoxing properties.

But you don’t have to go to a health retreat to get the benefits of detoxing. There are numerous ways to detox on your own. In fact, just giving up caffeine and/or alcohol for a week or two will help your body detoxify. And so will adding nutritional supplements, eliminating sugar, and increasing the amount of raw vegetables you eat. Taking saunas, long hot baths, and brushing your skin with a dry brush especially designed for the process are other ways to help your body throw off toxins more efficiently. So are colonics.
I was introduced to colon cleansing at Sanoviv and have signed up for more. I must say, I was impressed when the colonic therapist said, “You don’t chew your food well enough.” She was right. Now I’m committed to starting the digestive process the moment I put something in my mouth by chewing more—and also sitting down to eat each meal. I find that this small step has actually increased my enjoyment of food, though I’m eating less. The more you chew, the less you have to detox later. Unchewed and undigested food is a big contributor to toxic waste and gas in the intestines.
One of my favorite at-home detox regimens is USANA’s 5-Day High Fiber Cleanse, which is very easy and very helpful. Doing the Cleanse is so effective that most people are thrilled with the renewed vitality they feel. Many also report clearer skin and eyes as well as moderate weight loss.
Another valuable benefit is that the Cleanse helps reset your appetite center. Because you withdraw from your usual way of eating for 5 days—and replenish your body with fiber, omega-3 fats, lean protein, and low-glycemic carbs, all in an easily digestible form—you’re giving your body the chance to relearn what “enough” feels like. (If you do the USANA cleanse, I strongly recommend that you also include a pharmaceutical grade multivitamin/mineral while doing so. Micronutrient supplementation makes the whole regimen more effective.) Weight loss is a very nice side effect. And the weight that is lost comes from around the middle—that stubborn place where fat loves to accumulate, especially at midlife and beyond.
The bottom line is this: There is no one right way to detox. A number of different methods work. The key is to follow a lifestyle that minimizes the creation of toxins in the first place. And then, after times of inevitable poor eating or emotional stress, take extra care to give your body the tools and environment it needs to do its natural healing and detox work.

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