The Healthy Stuff Store at Sanoviv


Hello to all!  As you may know from our previous post we at Sanoviv have started a Healthy Stuff Goody Bag program earlier this year involving free sample items and coupons for our guests from some of our favorite companies who offer healthy products. We are very honored to spotlight our newest friends.

If you are gluten sensitive and struggle from day to day to find new options you can enjoy, and even if you are not gluten sensitive, I highly recommend trying these meals from Kettle Cuisine.   I sampled most of them myself and truly enjoyed them.  The three different types of chili were all equally as good as the next.   We also enjoy the Kettle Cuisine blog, found here:

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery makes the most popular and tastiest Gluten-Free bread in our local store. They have generously provided us with bread samples for our guests and coupons for our goody bag.

Also participating in our program and one of my favorite companies to work with is Tropical Traditions  for a variety of reasons, not just the valuable coupons they provide to all of our  guests.  Tropical Traditions also provides access to one of the most perfect foods on the planet; Organic Coconut in its many forms is good to eat and cook with.  Organic Coconut is available in Shreds, Flakes, Chips, Coconut Cream Concentrate and hand processed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil (we recommend adding a spoonful of this oil to your daily smoothie).   Free Coconut recipes are available on their website
Thank you to all of our Partners in Health.  The next time you are at Sanoviv, please stop by the Healthy Stuff store for a warm hello and personalized recommendations.  For those in-between visit needs (or for those of you who will not be traveling soon to Sanoviv), please check out our online store at 

~ Donny Ward, Sanoviv Healthy Stuff Store Manager