Mold Detoxification Program

Mold Detoxification Program

Mold toxicity is far more common that is currently recognized.

Indoor exposure to contaminated air and dust from water-damaged buildings (WDB) can trigger a chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), especially in a genetically susceptible individual. It is estimated that up to 50% of homes and up to 80% of office buildings and commercial buildings in the US have water damage. This means almost no one is immune to mold toxic (mycotoxin) exposure. Hence, even when the immune system kills the invading microbes, the remaining toxins can continue to plague us with their harmful effects.

Some people have a reduced ability to detoxify, so these toxins can accumulate to levels that are unmanageable.

Mold or biotoxin sickness can be challenging, it often looks just like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia syndromes. Because of the complex nature of this condition, individuals often experience lowered resistance to disease as result of the depletion of their nutrient pool brought on by mold exposure. They may develop chronic symptoms of ill health.

At Sanoviv, our team of medical professionals, are among the few who have received training in diagnosing and treating mold sickness. They are committed to help those who are dealing with this condition.  Responding to our vision to achieve health from a whole-body approach of wellness, we created a plan to help the body detoxify from biotoxins.

Sanoviv Medical Institute offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services, with everything under one roof.  Our integrative approach to healing includes complete medical examination and evaluations from different departments, general laboratory and blood tests. You’ll be assigned a medical doctor, nutritionist, biological dentist, chiropractor, bio-energetic specialist, fitness, spa, psychologist and mind/body practitioner.  Patient environmental counseling helps you to reduce exposure to mold toxins and learn strategies to detox effectively from unavoidable exposure.  Our goal is to reduce the overall toxic load, calm sensitivities, and help you live a normal life again.


The diagnostic approach includes the following:

  • Mycotoxin test: Urine analysis.
  • Inflammatory markers; MMP-9, TGFbeta-1, MSH, VEGF, and others.
  • Kinesiologic functional response

The treatment approach includes:

  • Educational counseling regarding environmental control and incitant avoidance
  • Intravenous and oral supplement nutrition therap
  • Immunotherapy (transfer factors)
  • Detox therapies to support the detoxification pathways to cleanse properly. We support and enhance all 8 pathways of detoxification, in a low-toxin healing environment.
  • Immunomodulation with peptides

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We practice individualized medicine in a Functional Medicine model, you can find more about the most common health issues that we treat at Sanoviv here.

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At Sanoviv, we are pleased to offer an extensive array of proven therapies from around the world, from therapies, detoxification treatments, nutrition lectures, fitness classes and more.