Dear People who wear fabulous but complicated and/or uncomfortable shoes in airports,

You look great.  I admire your intricate shoelaces, towering heels, snazzy buckle systems, ribbon leg wraps, decorative zippers, and thigh-high boots.   But I am not one of you anymore.  I fly 100,000 plus miles per year and have finally chosen to love my feet while traveling.  You’ll find me sporting supportive flat shoes that I can easily pull off and put on both for my health and a quicker moving security line.

I will not steady myself on your arm, block the way to your laptop when you are late, or trip when you step on my untied laces. I will also not have foot surgery for bunions, hammertoes, or other medical issues caused or complicated by attractive Iron Maidens. Here’s what I will do – pass you when you’re sprinting for the gate in your uncomfortable shoes, wiggle my toes whenever I choose, and feel good about myself for caring for my beloved feet.

And the little girl inside me who likes shiny things is not disappointed – I’ve just traded my ruby slippers for platinum glittered frou frou flats.  Ahhhhh…