Dr. Francisco Ulloa


Tuesday, May 3: 5 pm Pacific Time, 8 pm Eastern Time

What goes on in your digestive system affects your entire body and mind.  Join Sanoviv’s Chief of Medical and Nursing Staff, Dr. Francisco Ulloa, as he walks us through how our gut works, and gives you simple ideas to improve your digestion.

Dr. Francisco will thoroughly examine digestive enzymes and the need for dietary supplementation*.  Fascinating topic in easy-to-understand language, with time for questions at the end. 

If you are a nutrition or wellness coach, involved in any medical, physical, or psychological profession, or if you want to understand how to reach your optimal health, this seminar is a must for you. 

For the Live Meeting Webcast – Go to www.GlobalWebcast.usana.com and click on Global Conference Call Theater.
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If it is your first time, please download the software by clicking “Accept, Install & Join” (NOT web console). Then put in your name and click “Connect”. If you are asked for an ID or a password, then close out and begin again as that is an error screen. If you are using a MAC, you will need to have phone access for hearing. Everyone else should be able to hear through your computer.

For phone access only:  (212) 990-8000 6063#

*Sanoviv recommends USANA Health Sciences Digestion/Detox products.

**Sanoviv does not record these webcasts

***Free webcasts are hosted on the first Tuesday of each month by Patti Roney, Dr. Denis Waitley, and Sanoviv.