Medical PersThe Sanoviv Intensive Cancer Program is designed to identify the root cause of the disease as well as to provide aggressive therapies to attack your cancer. Our integrative approach uses the best of cutting-edge science-based therapies and technology as well as nutrition/diet, supplementation, detoxification and natural medicine. Whether you have recently been diagnosed or are in remission, this program could add healthy, disease-free years to your life.

Sanoviv can assist you in understanding cancer from a different perspective; one of hope, care and respect, a perspective that includes options that make sense, and one that includes you as a full partner in your healing. Despite the fact that cancer is a serious disease, it can be overcome.
At Sanoviv, we believe in a balanced approach to cancer therapies. Not all conventional treatments are bad and not all alternative treatments are good. In fact, we believe it is important to incorporate the best of each approach into an integrative therapy. Many of our natural and biological therapies have their roots in Europe where they have been practiced for many decades.

Our integrative approach uses many advanced modalities such as high dose vitamin C, Amygdalin, homeopathy enzyme, Enhanced IPT (Insulin Potentiated Therapy), and ozone therapy in combination with medical procedures such as regional and whole body hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen and occasionally surgery (when indicated) to help our guests win the battle against cancer. Our goal is to target the underlying cause, the triggers and the antecedents, that led to each patient’s cancer. We also target the nutrient deficiency and toxicity that can contribute to disease.

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 Laboratory Testing

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Anti-cancer Therapies

We use different therapeutic interventions to enhance your body’s ability to destroy cancer cells, while respecting the integrity of normal, healthy cells. These are done in conjunction with other therapies to synergize their potency while diminishing side effects. Regional hyperthermia is an example of an anti-cancer therapy which is a key part of our treatment.

Regional hyperthermia is used to heat up tumor material causing its metabolism to break down. Tumors do not tolerate temperatures over 41° centigrade(105.8 degrees Fahrenheit).
Because of their primitive blood supply, tumors are not able to easily divert heat. The metabolism of tumor cells is different than that of healthy cells. This makes them a target for regional hyperthermia. This therapy is used in combination with other modalities such as high dose vitamin C, Amygdalin, hyperbaric oxygen and orthomolecular medicine.

Immune Modulation

Immune modulation involves bringing the ratio of the different immune cells back into balance to enable the immune system to function correctly. Restoring healthy immune functions is especially important for those with cancer. Several immune regulating treatments are used including Immunoactive Transfer Factor, a very effective immune modulator peptide. This product is backed by 25 years of research.


Detoxification involves removal of harmful substances from our body which is continually confronted with toxins and optimizing the function of our detoxification systems. Toxins are found in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in our clothes, in furniture and even in our mouth as dental toxins. In order to optimize the immune response and reduce side effects of treatment, the body needs to be free of heavy metals and toxins. At Sanoviv, you are in a completely toxinfree environment in order to optimize healing. A detox regimen including calcium EDTA and other biological substances may be used to help the body rid itself of toxins and improving metabolic function. Spa treatments and bioenergetic detox treatments can help the body be more receptive to therapies. Dental treatment may also be needed to eliminate additional sources of toxins.