Transfer Factor


The Transfer Factor treatment consists of natural, microscopic molecules that reside in the bodies of all animals. These are messengers, passing immunity information about the presence of an immune threat and how to properly respond from immune cells to immune cells.

They carry the parent lymphocyte which is sensitized to the threat and alerts the unsensitized or naïve lymphocytes into action against the specific invader.

Transfer factor is effective for the treatment of:

Parasite infection.

Virus infection.

Bacterial infection.

Mycobaterial infection.


Autoimmune diseases.

It also has a suppressor effect which keeps the immune system from over responding to external factors like allergies and internal factors like autoimmune disease.

There are 2 types of transfer factor: Specific and non-specific.

The specific Transfer Factor is created by first taking a sample of the threat in your body (virus, bacteria, tumor, etc.)This is sent to a lab where it is exposed to white blood cells. These then react against the threat and create immunity, which is then administered to you.

The non-specific Transfer Factor does not go through the aforementioned process, and can still have a powerful impact on increasing your immune system response.