Nutrition Advisor Training Course 1

Disclosure Statement


Nutrition Advisor Training (Course 1) from Sanoviv Medical Institute.

Sanoviv Medical Institute, Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

Purpose Statement: Enable the learner to integrate educational programs and therapeutic strategies around high density nutritional foods, spa therapy treatments and detoxification into their practice.


  1. Describe the features of an environment that is toxin-free and focused on optimal healing
  2. Discuss prevention of basic digestive problems
  3. Review the role of nutrition for health and the use of food as medicine
  4. Discuss the role of detoxification in the body
  5. Discuss why we can’t lose weight and the effectiveness of current weight loss trends
  6. Discuss the effects of GMOs on health
  7. Discuss 3 system approaches to rejuvenate the digestive system for better health
  8. Demonstrate exercises to heal, recharge, rejuvenate
  9. Discuss how to prepare raw food following Sanoviv protocols
  10. Discuss how to create a meal following Sanoviv protocols
  11. Discuss the use of BIA and MAX Pulse tests as tools for health improvement
  12. Discuss how personality style affects health choices

Commercial Interest Organization: Is any entity that directly, or that is owned or controlled by an entity producing, marketing, reselling or distributing healthcare goods or services consumed by or used on patients.

The following planners and presenters report a potential Commercial Conflict of Interest or potential for bias . The Nurse Planner Ruth Dregne RN, BSN has reviewed this activity and provided resolutions to ensure content integrity and all planners and presenters have agreed to prepare and present the content of this activity without bias or promotion.


Planner and presenter Sue Ward MS, Director of Nutrition Education is an associate with USANA Health Sciences, a company that sells nutritional supplements.


Presenter Dr. Miguel Lanzagora Vallin has co-authored a book relevant to the content of this training.


The content reviewer Dr. Gary Gilmore, Professor and Director, Graduate Community Health and Public Health Programs, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, has reviewed this activity to ensure that the educational content of this activity is not about nutritional products and has not been influenced or biased by a commercial interest organization(s) or their representatives.

If you feel that there is a presence of undisclosed commercial interest, bias, or any promotional element during the educational activity you are encouraged to report this on the post activity evaluation or contact the nurse planner.

Successful Completion Requirements to be awarded CE contact hours for this activity are:

  1. Attendance at all scheduled session is required to receive certificate of completion.
  2. Completion of the Participant Evaluation


Approval Statement

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Approved to award 13.66CNE contact hours thru 4/29/18


Approval for contact hours through the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) is based on an assessment of the educational merit of this program and does not constitute endorsement of the use of any specific modality in the care of clients.



Verbal Disclosure Statement



The purpose for this program is to provide education on nutrition and not to sell any products or services. Sanoviv does not sell nor exclusively promote any supplements of any kind to retreat participants. If products are mentioned the content will be well-balanced, evidenced based and unbiased. The focus of the content will be to inform about why these products were selected by Sanoviv based on those that are pharmaceutical-grade and meet these USP criteria:


Complete: What’s listed on the bottle is actually in the bottle

Safe: Does not contain undeclared ingredients and harmful levels of contaminants

Bio-Available: Breaks down and releases ingredients in the body within 30 mins

Quality: Made under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) which guarantee proper process validation and documentation


As the primary educator in this training, I Sue Ward, disclose that I am an associate of USANA Health Sciences which is one of the companies that Sanoviv purchases supplements from. I declare that I do not promote these products during the Nutrition Advisor Training in the classes that are specified. While I may mention some of these products, I also mention other brands to illustrate examples of recommended quality of certain supplements. Many options are presented and available. Sanoviv does not sell any supplements of any kind to retreat participants and non-solicitation of USANA products while at Sanoviv is strictly enforced.


Here is a list of the companies that provide supplements for Sanoviv:


Designs for Health

Perque Integrative Health

Integrative Therapeutics



Allergy Research Group

Life Extension

RLC Labs

Thorne Labs

Pure Encapsulations

Douglas Labs

Vital Nutrients

Body Bio

Protocol for Life

Dr. Chi Products

Metabolic Maintenance

USANA Health Sciences


Suppliers are selected based on:


1) the type and form of nutrients they offer

2) if they test their raw materials and finished products whenever possible

3) our experience, including clinical outcomes, with the products

4) formulas that meet our needs with respect to ingredients

5) scientific information about the products for certain health conditions


By my signature below I attest that I was present for the activity indicated above, and these disclosure statements were read to the participants of this activity prior to the start of the educational content.




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