Medical & Education Retreat

RetreatInterested in the Sanoviv Health & Education Retreat, but you also want some medical diagnostics, too?  Do you have some health concerns?  Consider upgrading your program to our Medical & Education Retreat.  You’ll receive the full Integrative Physical AND the Health & Education Retreat – all in just 6 nights.  This will be the most comprehensive physical you will ever receive, plus it will be even more meaningful because you will be studying nutrition, digestion, detoxification, and more while your are learning about your own body.  It’s a 1-2 punch that can’t be beat!


You will receive:

An in-depth medical assessment

Comprehensive lab Testing

Imaging, ultrasound and thermography

Consultations with a medical doctor, nutritionist, biological dentist, chiropractor, psychologist (stress), a bio-energy practitioner, and fitness expert

All nutrition advisor educational classes, and receive your Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor Certification

Comprehensive summary of your health

At-home program that will help you continue the healing begun at Sanoviv

Follow-up call to answer any questions

You can do all this and only spend one more day at Sanoviv for a total of 6 days

(Check with your tax specialist. You may be able to make this trip tax deductible!)