Integrative Dental Screening

He integrative approach to dental health can help identify an underlying cause of a major health issue. This screening offers what conventional dental exams may miss.
The program includes:

• Dental Assessment with Panarex X-ray
• Dental Thermography Evaluation
• Medical Consult (Integrative medical doctor)
• Stress & Relaxation Assessment
• Microscopic Blood Analysis
• Bio-impedance Analysis
• Energy Testing (Applied Kinesiology)
• Oral Galvanic Testing
• Panel Meeting to review results and recommendations
• Transportation to/from San Diego
• Organic Lunch and Green Juice.

This program is normally added to an existing Medial program, so no room nights are included. However, for additional cost, you can add extra nights in our oceanfront suite and enjoy Sanoviv meals, the use of our chlorine-free pools, infrared sauna and seaside walking path. Other activities such as fitness classes, meditations and health lectures may also be available depending on the day of the week (there are more activities on weekdays).

More about our Integrative Dental Screening

Dental Assessment with Panarex X-ray
Our biological dentist will assess your dental condition including gums, tooth restorations, potential areas of concern and bone health. The Panarex x-ray has 70% less radiation than traditional x-rays and includes a complete look at your entire mouth.

Dental Thermography Evaluation
If areas of concern are identified, dental and whole body thermographic images are taken; neural therapy procaine is applied to these areas and then a second set of images are taken to identify if there are any potential connections with your health condition and confirm the dental and doctor’s findings.

Medical Consultation
An integrative medical doctor, specializing in Functional Medicine, will briefly review your case and your health history. Based upon his findings, the doctor may make recommendations for additional treatments during your stay.

Stress & Relaxation Assessment
This heart rate variability test can assess your overall levels of physical and mental stress as well as your stress resistance and also provide a snapshot of your circulatory health.

Microscopic Blood Analysis
Live blood can reveal clues about your health status and provide your dentist and doctor with important information related to your case.

Bio-impedance Analysis
This evaluation is reviewed by a nutritionist and provides information about your body composition, hydration status, digestion, nutrition status and overall cell quality.

Energy Testing
This is also known as applied kinesiology or muscle testing and is performed to confirm the findings of your integrative dental screening.

Oral Galvanism Analysis
In dentistry, when two or more different metals in the mouth are in the presence of saliva, an electrical current can be generated. This is called oral galvanism and these currents can interfere with the body’s normal electrophysiology, including the heart and nervous system. This test measures the current in your mouth from your dental restorations.

Panel meeting
This meeting with your doctor, dentist, and sometimes nutritionist will explain the results of your screening and provide follow-up recommendations and a treatment plan.

Enjoy our plant-based, organic diet including freshly made green juices during your stay. The Sanoviv diet eliminates gluten, dairy, corn, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. A small amount of wild-caught fish and organic poultry and eggs are also included in our whole-foods diet.