Amalgam Removal Program

Dental surgeryThe mercury contained in amalgam (silver) fillings is among the most toxic substances known to man. It has been proven that everyone with amalgam fillings accumulates mercury. Our biological Amalgam Removal Program includes specific protocols to remove these fillings while minimizing further exposure to mercury during the process.

You can schedule your Amalgam Removal as a stand-alone program, or add it to your existing medical or education program at Sanoviv.

We take every precaution to remove amalgam filling safely.

Our biological protocol includes:

In-Depth Dental Assessment

Panoramic X-Rays

Medical Consultation

Labs (CBC, SMAC, Urine, etc.)

Composite or Temporary Filling


High Intraoral Vacuum Suction

Rubber Dam to prevent particle exposure

Chiropractic treatment as needed (Jaw alignment)

In addition, our program includes detoxifying treatments to help remove accumulated mercury from the body. In order to accomplish this, you will receive the following:

IV Chelation (binds and removes heavy metals)

Bio-Energy Treatment (balance energy flow)

Lymphatic Massage (to promote elimination through the lymph system)

Colonic (to stimulate detoxification through the digestive system)

Detoxifying Nutritional Supplements

Transportation to/ from Sanoviv

Infrared Sauna & Thalasso Pools (to open the glands and promote detoxification)

Dental assessmentDental Cleaning