Gisell Garcia, MD


Treating Physician

Dr. Gisell Garcia received her medical degree at Autonoma University in Baja California, Mexico. She completed her internship in Tijuana, followed by clinical practice at two facilities (consulting patients with chronic illnesses, children, and pregnant women who don’t have access to medical care). She also has advanced certifications in basic life support, advanced cardiovascular life support through the American Heart Association, and advanced trauma life support certificated by the American College of Surgeons.

“When I learned about the Sanoviv philosophy of whole body, integrative care, it caught my attention,” she explains. “I have always felt that the doctors function is to facilitate the self-healing process, improving all areas of the human being, from emotional, to physiological, to energetic imbalances that can lead to disease. My philosophy is that the body can heal itself if we can detect the root cause of the imbalance, whether it is physical, emotional, nutritional, or energetic…and since I am a yoga practitioner I strongly believe that connecting mind-body-spirit can provide answers to bring healing and bring peace to the heart. This is the reason why I love working at Sanoviv. It is a place where true healing occurs.”

Dr. Gisell loves working with all kinds of patients. She especially loves children and looks forward to the time when she will have children of her own. In her spare time, besides yoga, she loves to read about energy and nutrition. She also enjoys nature, hiking, and participating in outdoor activities.