Serve up pain relief with tennis balls

Tennis balls are for more than fetching!

Pain relief can be as simple and inexpensive as knowing how to use tennis balls to ease tension and trigger points.  Ballerinas have long been known to carry tennis balls with them for those occasions when they need help fast.  The balls can be used to effectively relieve muscle spasms before a rehearsal or a big event.  You, too, can make use of tennis balls with a few simple tips and techniques.

Sometimes referred to as Tennis Ball Therapy, tennis balls can be used to ease everything from relieving the pain of sciatica to breaking down scar tissue and adhesions.  The user controls the amount of pressure applied by slowly shifting weight onto the ball. Find trigger points in this way, using moderate force to compress each painful spot for 15 to 20 seconds before moving on to the next.  You can use the floor or the wall for support as you zero in on areas of tightness.  Remember to breathe deeply and shift your body slightly as you work on the targeted area.

Repetitive motions can cause tight muscles.  Sitting at a desk and driving can cause muscles to shorten and tension to form.  Taking a break with tennis ball therapy can help to loosen those areas, providing pain relief and increased blood flow. Whether it’s your neck, shoulder, back or glutes, just ten minutes to relieve some tension can greatly improve the rest of your day.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain have been helped at Sanoviv through our Medical Program.  Learn more here:

Free dehydration webcast June 14



Join Dr. Aaron Garcia, D.C., for a free webcast on Tuesday June 14, 2011 at 5 pm PT, 8 pm ET to learn about the effects of dehydration on your body.

This topic is timely as the world changes seasons.  Whether you are heading into summer or winter, dehydration is a serious threat to your wellness.  Learn how your body uses water, how pain may be a sign of dehydration, and common misconceptions about fluid intake and output.

Dr. Garcia will also address healthy solutions so you can be sure you are optimally hydrating your body.  Please join us!

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Exercise Theory

Water fitness class in Sanoviv's clean, chemical-free, salt water pools


“Where our mind goes, our energies follow.”  So believe practitioners of Qigong, the ancient Chinese healing exercise.  The philosophy of exercise today embraces this age-old wisdom.  Fitness is no longer focused on “going for the burn”, or the “no pain, no gain,” concept of exercise.  Fitness is no longer a fad, but rather a holistic practice necessary for maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Fitness is movement. When one engages in physical activity it must bring a sense of harmony, not stress to one’s life. Incorporating an exercise program into one’s lifestyle is something that we do for ourselves—it doesn’t have to be done in a gym, involve wearing a leotard, and the goal does not have to be a perfect six-pack.  These stereotypes have been more intimidating than motivating.

Joanna Berry is the former Managing Director of  The National Register of Personal Trainers in Britain and she says—“Don’t ever let exercise scare you.”  She goes on to say that the dangers of inactivity should scare you. “Sedentary behavior has a negative effect on nearly every aspect of our physical and mental health.” 

A 2010 study published in the Journal of Aging Research found a direct link between inactivity and the physiological signs of aging.   Fortunately, the signs could be reversed with regular physical activity.

Moderate exercise is said to protect the body against a slew of diseases.  Sanoviv offers at least two movement classes every day, with individual training sessions included in each medical program

Many studies prove the association between regular physical activity and reduced rates of:

  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 dependent diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Colon cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Stroke
  • Back pain


  • Exercise releases endorphins—feel good hormones—in our brain, so it is often prescribed as an antidote for depression.
  • Exercise aids digestion and helps the lungs to function better, increasing the amount of oxygen flowing through the bloodstream, so physical and mental stamina are increased
  • Exercise helps people undergoing harsh cancer treatment
  • Exercise can improve your immune function

Physical exercise is defined by the great Ayurvedic physician Chakara (not Chopra) as “that activity of the body that is desirable and capable of bringing about stability and strength.”  Exercise, Chakara believed, should be practiced regularly and in the right measure.  Today, fitness experts from personal trainers to medical doctors and government health officials agree with this premise.


Exercise has long been considered an essential component for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is also one of the simplest and most effective means for stress reduction and rejuvenation. Through exercise, the body returns to its normal equilibrium by releasing natural chemicals that build up during the stress response.  Medical research has shown that a great deal of ill health is directly related to the lack of physical activity.  Research also shows that active people have more stamina, resist illness, and stay trim.  They have more self-confidence, are less depressed and even late in life, and are still working energetically at new projects.

 Our bodies are designed for motion, and it is valuable for us to establish a proper balance between rest and activity.

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Lessons Learned at Sanoviv


Productivity Consultant Sheila Green with Sanoviv's President, Elaine Pace onsite at Sanoviv



Many thanks to Sheila Green, celebrated speaker, productivity consultant, and Sanoviv guest for this heartfelt and educational post.  Read Sheila’s article in WomenEntrepreneur for more about her Sanoviv experience. 

If we pay attention, sometimes we are fortunate to experience wake-up calls that will impact the rest of our lives. The answers are usually already in our conscious realm but we choose to block them out with noise and clutter of things we think are important.

When I arrived at Sanoviv, I was suffering from excruciating back pain. Through years of therapy, adjustments and painful injections I had grown accustomed to never-ending pain. What happened over the next seven days is stuff of which movies are made. Had it not been a personal experience, I don’t know if I would believe it.

Lesson 1 – Treat the cause, not the symptoms. In our day-to-day lives, we spend so much time and energy on superficial quick fixes, but the pain always comes back. Sanoviv’s Dr. Mercado made me wonderfully uncomfortable when he continued to probe the true cause of my pain. He was not amused or put off with my quick, flippant answers. By focusing on the cause of my pain we unlocked what was holding me back and only then could we start treatment that offered sustainable relief and a healthy future.

Lesson 2 – Unplug and de-stress. I was told my back pain was from a car accident. Doctors in the USA were baffled. They had done all they could and no one could figure out why I was in so much pain. As it turns out, a great deal of my pain was a result of an inordinate amount of stress. Stress that I disguised as daily life. When I cut off television, radio, my computer, my phone, coffee, wine and junk food, I honestly thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I secretly contacted my husband in Florida demanding that he come and rescue me! After a day or two of thorough cleansing, awesome food, and nurturing spa treatments I was able to enjoy experiences that I hadn’t felt in too many years to count. Experiences such as simple and meaningful conversations, playing in the pools under a full moon, walking on the grass and the experience of connecting with something bigger than yourself. Most of us can’t live in a disconnected society but what I learned was how constant connectivity was negatively impacting my life and my health and how was stress I was putting on myself to be Super Woman. I know where I was before I went to Sanoviv, wired and stressed to the point of no return and I will never allow myself to feel that way again. The key is knowing when to disconnect and then really doing it.

Lesson 3 – Be Open to New Experiences When you are truly looking for advice, techniques or treatment that will enhance your quality of life, it is vital to be open to new experiences. We’ve become so entrenched in our day to day routines, I felt as if I were sleepwalking through life. Change is often scary, often we feel worse before we feel better. (And sometimes we call Florida in a panic!) Knowing the range of emotions the guests could be experiencing, the staff at Sanoviv go out of their way to be personable, helpful and above all – encouraging and motivational. They were amazing on so many levels.  When I was able to let go of my control issues, I was open to hear, see and live new experiences at Sanoviv that made me see and enjoy the world in a whole new way.

PS – It’s been almost a year since my stay at Sanoviv and I am still pain-free!  Unbelievable, I know, but it is my truth.