Top 3 questions people ask about Sanoviv

Peaceful Pools at Sanoviv

Contributed by: Sergio Sotelo, Director of Admissions

1)       Where are you?

2)      How much is it?

3)      Does insurance cover this?


1)      We are located approximately 40 miles south of San Diego, in Rosarito, Mexico on the beautiful beaches of Baja California.  We provide transportation to and from San Diego with friendly bilingual drivers who manage the customs and immigration process for you. 

2)      Program costs run between $1200 and $1500 per day, depending on which program is right for you.  Our Admissions team will provide you with a fact sheet detailing your program with the actual costs while you are in the process of making your reservation.  Spa and medical treatments that are not included in your program are extra; you will always be notified of potential extra charges before they are incurred.  Sanoviv accepts Visa, Mastercard, and wire transfers from your bank.

Our prices cover all your medical consultations (MD, nutritionist, chiropractic, psychologist, dentist, fitness expert), nutritional supplements, organic freshly prepared food, diagnostic tests and treatments included in your program, oceanside balcony room, educational lectures, healthy living classes including yoga, dance, and fitness, spa treatments included in your program, and so much more. 

See our FAQ’s for information about medical loan providers.

3)      Sanoviv is not able to work directly with your insurance company, therefore you pay Sanoviv for your program.  After you have completed your program, we recommend you work with an organization that will bill your insurance company for covered costs.  Information about the company we recommend for guests from the USA may be found here.    Many of our guests have been successful in recovering a portion of their program costs by using this method.

More questions?  Find answers here or contact one of our treasured staff via phone, email, or webchat.  We are happy to talk with you!

Having fun is as easy as 1-2-3

Speechwriters, numerologists, and lottery players love the number three.  Building on their wisdom, today we are launching the Top 3 category for the Sanoviv Blog.  Watch the Top 3 category for quick suggestions from Sanoviv experts and friends on a variety of subjects.

Let’s begin with some JOY.  Here are the Top 3 ways Sanoviv staff have fun.

  1. We greet each other each day with a smile, a small gesture of affection, and a sincere question about how you are feeling that day.  And every person that asks that question cares about the answer.
  2. We socialize together!  Be it 80’s aerobics, a friendly soccer game on the lawn, or birthday parties on or off campus, you’ll often find our staff together during and outside their working hours.
  3. We find ways to laugh together.  Sometimes it is through English to Spanish translations (the day I mixed up the words for head and goat in Spanish led to the frequently repeated comment ‘My goat is exploding’).  Or Spanish to English (found on urinalysis instructions ‘Put on your glove, take the towelette, and cheerfully wash your genitals’) . You’ll find us exuberantly posing for silly photos, doing an impromptu dance when a guest has great news, or juggling lemons in the tea bar. 

During his recent webcast on avoiding cancer, Dr. Curiel reminded us to laugh and love – to bring joy into our lives.  Tris Conley, our director of operations, brings his smile to every guest interaction.  You can hear the smile in Jose’s voice when you call Sanoviv, and our fitness department offers dance lessons at least once per week. 

Top 3 words of the day:  FUN, LAUGHTER, LOVE.