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Sanoviv's Dr. Isaac Meza reviews diagnostic results with a guest


We understand that health care costs* can drastically change your family’s financial picture.  We are delighted to announce a way to partner with Sanoviv to raise funds for you or a loved one dealing with a serious illness. 

Here is how it works:

1)  After you or a loved one has participated in one of our 3 week or longer programs (Neuro Repair, CCSVI/Neuro Repair, or Holistic Oncotherapy), the guest, a member of her or his immediate family, or the guest’s companion contacts Sanoviv Admissions to participate in the fundraising program.

2)  Sanoviv provides you with an Integrative Physical at a 25% discount.  This program must be pre-paid. 

3)  You determine how you want to raise funds using this heavily discounted program.  A raffle works well and with Paypal, people from all over the world may purchase a ticket.  Or you may sell this program to someone who wants to come to Sanoviv at full price, earning you the 25% savings (right now the cost of this program is $4950, 25% of which is more than $1200).

4)  The person who requested the program contacts Sanoviv Admissions with the name and contact info of the person who “won”  – We will take it from there!

*Average day cost in a USA hospital is $8,000, Average day cost at Sanoviv is $1200 – $1500, depending on the program.  See our FAQs for information about possible reimbursement from your insurance company as well as medical loan providers.

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