Professional Bios

Dr. Meza
Dr. Isaac Meza Pereyra, MD – Treating Physician

When asked about the work he does at Sanoviv Medical Institute, Dr. Meza replied “I think we are the next generation of doctors and the future of medicine worldwide”

Dr. MezaDr Meza received his medical degree at Universidad Xochicalco and has focused his practice on Homotoxicology and biological medicine. Homotoxicology is the synthesis of Classical Homeopathy with modern medical science. The main emphasis of Homotoxicology is the detoxification of the body.

He has also trained extensively on Ozone therapy and Iridology. He has been a certified IFM practitioner since 2007.

Everyone who knows Dr. Meza can see his passion for his work and his commitment to his guests, “I saw early in life that I had a calling. This calling was to help others heal. I just started seeing patients with a different perspective. Since then, at 13 years of age, and up to this day I have been volunteering at the local Red Cross.”

Talking about what attracted him to the healing work at Sanoviv, “In my previous practice, I felt like I was missing the bigger picture. Like almost everyone else, I could only see the tip of the iceberg of the multiple problems that my patients faced. I was only treating the symptoms, and that was not enough.”

Previously he worked in a health care clinic and had his own private practice.

He continues, “Now, I have been working at Sanoviv for almost 5 years. I have learned to look beyond the symptoms and find the root cause of what a particular guest is dealing with. We are doing amazing work everyday and I think the best is still to come.”

Dr. Meza brings great energy to the Sanoviv team. He stands out for the clear love and care he has for his guests, the discipline and humanity he brings into his practice, and his ability to use the mind-body connection in his approach. He loves outdoor activities and horses. His main source of connection is his family and his spirituality.

“There IS a better place than home… it’s Sanoviv. At Sanoviv you will have a whole team of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, chiropractors and dentists working together for your benefit. In a round table dialogue, we will work toward discovering the underlying problems connected to your main health concern. We will treat you with love, and care for you with passion. We will make you feel at home.”

Dr. Mercado
Dr. Fernando Mercado Medina, MD – Treating Physician

Dr. Mercado has traveled an interesting path in becoming a treating physician at Sanoviv Medical Institute. His life is a testament to the integration of mind-body medicine.

Dr. MercadoHe received his medical degree from the University of Guadalajara. Soon, he felt disenchanted with the way allopathic medicine is practiced, “After two years of conventional practice I felt frustrated and unfulfilled. I dedicated myself to the profound practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. During this time I trained and practiced as a massage therapist. I did this for 5 years working and travelling until settling in Switzerland for a period of time.”

Returning to Mexico, Dr. Mercado saw an opportunity to integrate all his knowledge, “When I first heard about Sanoviv and read about Dr. Wentz’ vision, I felt a profound desire to be a part of it and to change the way that medicine is practiced around the world.” He started working as a massage therapist and soon worked his way to becoming a treating physician at Sanoviv, because what he learned here renewed his faith and sense in the medical profession, and here, he found a viable approach to chronic illness.

He has been a certified Functional Medicine practitioner since 2007. He is also certified as an Electro- Acuscope, Myopulse and Ondamed technician. He has received training from ACAM for Detoxification of Heavy Metals.

“I became a Medical Doctor because of personal health issues as a child. I had also been exposed to the medical environment in my family, but above all, my decision to become a doctor was because of my commitment to service. I see service as a means to personal and collective evolution. I achieve this at Sanoviv because we integrate the three spheres of health into everything we do. I feel totally aligned with Dr. Wentz’ vision and have an honest will to participate in the creation of his dream.”

“My previous experiences with Kundalini Yoga and massage therapy have helped me develop my intuition and the perception of subtle energies of the human body. This allows me to make a multileveled assessment of my guests and deepen my recommendations not only on how to care for the body, but also the mind and spirit.”

“Come and enjoy the Sanoviv experience! Let us help you reorganize your priorities and create new strategies to be healthy again. We will help you set short and long term plans to recover balance in your life. If you, like I did, are feeling hopeless and clueless with the conventional medical approach, give yourself the chance ^to truly enjoy the practice of medicine.”

Dr. Lanzagorta
Dr. Miguel Lanzagorta – Chief of Medical Development and Energy Medicine

Dr. Lanzagorta is Sanoviv’s Renaissance man. A true seeker of knowledge, there is not much Dr. Lanzagorta has not studied or integrated into his service towards others. He started his service towards others as a Catholic Monk, studying Philosophy and Theology. After leaving the monastic life, he was looking for his new “identity” and place in the world. He started to explore various religious and psychological fields. He later studied to become an Elementary School teacher, and then he moved on to get his degree in Psychology and finally his degree in Medicine.

Dr. LanzagortaHe also has a long list of postgraduate studies like nutrition, massage therapy, energy medicine, iridology and body work. He states, “The process of finding my true self developed very organically, with each step moving forward through my own personal issues. I found through this process that I could help others trying to walk the same path I had travelled.”

“More than 30 years ago, I was dreaming and planning about a place like Sanoviv, capable of considering the interactions of the body, emotions, mind and the spiritual aspects of a person seeking help. I also worked in 5 other hospitals, and when I first entered Sanoviv, I was in awe, initially due to its beauty, and after a few minutes I recognized it… It was the dream and vision of my younger times, just waiting for me!”

“I became totally committed to Sanoviv, during the time I was interviewed by Dr. Wentz and others, regarding employment. I asked Dr. Wentz why he founded Sanoviv. He answered: ‘All I seek is to scientifically prove that true prevention and non-toxic treating modalities have at least equal value, if not greater, than waiting for a disease to come and then using toxic, harsh and painful treatments to try to control a disease or rescue a life. I wish to show through Sanoviv, that this new model is far better to bring true healing and improve the economics for the individual and society. This is my vision, my life’s legacy for humanity”. My heart, mind and will power are here in order to be part of this powerful idea turned reality.”

Dr. Lanzagorta’s experience and warmth bring an essential part to what Sanoviv is and will become in the future. The kaleidoscope of tools he acquired in the fields of religion, philosophy, theology, military, psychology and medicine honed his wonderful gifts. “It was at the end of medical school that I realized I was in the position to accompany a person from physical disease, to its emotional and mental connections and straight into an awakening process to recover his/her value and life. And that is what I do at Sanoviv when lecturing, guiding a meditation or guiding someone who seeks to go beyond his/her present status.”

“For all of you who feel medical science has given up on you.

For all of you who feel healthy, had the experience of seeing loved ones deal with chronic health issues and are concerned about your own future.

For all of you who feel great and want to feel even better,

Sanoviv is the place for you.

Don’t just sit, wait and become another statistic.

You deserve the best.”

Dr. Ulloa
Dr. Francisco Ulloa, MD –Chief of Medical Staff and Treating Physician

Dr. Ulloa practices medicine from every aspect of his being, connecting mind, body and spirit. He explains, “I became a Doctor because I wanted to help people reach whole health. There is something very sacred about practicing medicine this way.”

Dr. UlloaHe received his medical degree from the “Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara”, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in all of México. He has been a certified Homeopathic Medical Doctor (HMD) since 1996. He also has studies in Neural Therapy and is a certified NAET practitioner.

“I am very passionate about my work as a doctor. Since I was a child I liked helping people. Since then I knew I wanted to become a doctor. My father is a homeopathic doctor and he had a strong influence on me. As a result, holding the vision of holistic health and healing was very easy for me.”

Prior to his work at Sanoviv, Dr. Ulloa was the Head of a Homeopathy School project for the “Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.” His first visit to Sanoviv was as a special guest, participating in a joint research project between Sanoviv and the university. He recalls, “Since the first time I came to Sanoviv and saw what they were doing, I felt an immediate connection. I felt I had to return. There is this wonderful energy that I recognized in the staff who work here. This is the same experience I have had, and which my guests refer to as well.”

Elaborating on his experience of working at Sanoviv he says, “In Sanoviv we are doing things that other places can only dream of. The result of the combined efforts of the medical, nutrition, psychology, dental and chiropractic staff, the therapeutic strategies that are applied as a true team effort, the education that our guests receive, the spa treatments that support wellness ─ all of this really impacts the health of our patients and we see results. I think that this is something very attractive for every doctor to be able to offer. I think that this is something very attractive for every patient to receive.”

Dr. De Hoyos
Dr. Victor de Hoyos Pérez, MD – General Physician

Dr. de Hoyos is licensed as Medical Surgeon from the “Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara”, one of the most prestigious universities in all of Mexico. He has postgraduate training from the “Universidad Complutense” and “Hospital San Carlos” both in Madrid, Spain. He also completed several diplomats as a visiting surgeon at St. Marks Hospital in London, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and NYU Hospital in New York.

Dr. De HoyosHe decided to become a part of the Sanoviv team because of the practice of Integrative and Functional Medicine. “I love that we use the best of conventional and holistic medicine to create a unique way of practicing health care. We practice healing for the mind, body and soul, all together in one medical institute. I feel this is health care with a true human touch.”

He knows how the practice of conventional medicine can be hard on the patient, and on the physician as well, “I used to work as a Digestive Surgeon, but the toll of stress and the lifestyle that this entails caused me to have problems with Hypertension. I felt I needed a change in my life and in my work.” Here at Sanoviv, he not only found a more balanced and peaceful work environment, he found a more balanced and effective way of practicing medicine. He explains, “I love the team work that we have. We all work together from different perspectives and with different diagnostic tools to initiate the healing process for our guests. This is the basis of Holistic medicine.”

“I have learned here at Sanoviv that the quality of the staff makes a difference in the quality of healing for our guests. With our good energy and positive thoughts, I believe we strengthen the healing power of our guests. Our guests are our main purpose. To improve their health is our mission.”

Speaking about what Sanoviv offers, he says “This is a unique place that guides others towards living a balanced life. We have and use our ability to seek the possible causes of disease, to promote patient care. As a leader in integrative Medicine, we also focus on teaching and research. This is a place where you will find hard working people who will help you reach your dreams.”

Dr. Rodríguez
Armonia del Sol Rodriguez Marin, MD – Treating Physician and Admissions Doctor

Dr. Armonia (which means Harmony in Spanish) had a special reason for becoming a doctor, “Growing up with a father diagnosed with a rare and chronic illness, I was blessed to come in contact with wonderful health care providers. They supported us through very dark times and thanks to them my father outlived initial expectations by 20 years. I wanted to give the same wonderful support that we had received, to the best of my ability.”

Dr. RodríguezShe received her medical degree from the “Universidad Autónoma de Baja California”, one of the best medical schools in all of Mexico.

She was certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner in 2007 and completed the AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice). She also completed a module on the Functional Medicine approach to neuro-protection in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has also trained in bio-energetic therapies and has a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Armonia is also trained in the review of various breast analytical systems for breast health from the International College of Clinical Thermography.

“The unique client-centered approach that Sanoviv uses, and the way we treat our guests like our own family makes the biggest difference. It’s wonderful to not have time constraints which permits me to spend time with my guests. Besides this, we can offer all the treatments that are possible regarding illness.”

Dr. Armonía did her first internship work living in rural communities becoming what she calls, “a people’s doctor.” She explains, “You become a true part of the community taking care of your neighbors and teaching them how to live healthier lives. Through teaching, you truly promote health.”

After that time, she became involved in working with children and learned even more to hone her skills as a clinician, “It helped me dramatically on how to approach my patients with tenderness and care, and my way of explaining things to my patients changed. I began to truly have a conversation with my patients about their health.”

Her journey into holistic care came after she realized her conventional medicine training was so limited when trying to help her father. Now she feels she can make a huge difference with her work at Sanoviv, “I feel that there are truly no words to express the difference we make here in the lives of our guests. Sanoviv is the best place to receive the most current alternative and conventional assessments and therapies medicine has to offer.”

Dr. Aguiñiga
Danielle Aguiñiga, MD – Treating Physician

Dr. Aguiñiga is one of the doctors with the most experience working here at Sanoviv. That experience helps her as the Chief of Medical Staff in supporting the seamless flow of communication among the health professionals here at Sanoviv, as they collaborate to consider the many layers of therapies available to them. It is this communication that helps us reach our ambitious vision.

Dr. AguiñigaShe received her medical degree from the “Universidad Xochicalco” in Tijuana, México. She has training in Bioenergetic Medicine. For many years, she was the head of the Bioenergetics Department at Sanoviv, focusing her work on assessment and treatment through bioenergetic equipment.

She is a certified IFM practitioner and she has completed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) training. Dr. Aguiniga has training in stem cell therapy. She also has a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition.

She became interested in medicine initially to understand how the human body worked. “And the more I learned about how the body works, the more I became aware of all the things that we do to interrupt its proper function.” She later participated in cardiovascular risk research and learned how much stress can be the cause of high blood pressure. This allowed her to see that just focusing on the physiology would not be the most effective or viable solution. This is one of the main reasons she became interested in Sanoviv. “It was amazing to find a place that upheld so strongly the vision of prevention and education to promote optimal health in a hospital setting.”

“We take pride in doing things differently from other health facilities. This is an amazing place to experience if you are healthy and want to stay healthy. You will learn so many things about how to maintain health. If you are not as healthy as you would like to be, this is also an amazing place to experience, because we have the tools to help heal not just your body, but also your mind and spirit. This is the Sanoviv difference.”

Dr. Cardenas
Jorge Cardenas Ureña, M.D. – Night Shift Doctor

“In my career I have held many positions in the medical field, caring for patients and their loved ones in different ways. This has helped me to be aware of the fact that a patient’s needs go beyond medical treatment, they also need someone to listen and care for them”, explains Dr. Jorge Cardenas, one of our Night Shift doctors at Sanoviv Medical Institute.

Dr. CardenasDr. Cardenas got his medical degree from the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”, one of the oldest and most prestigious learning institutions of the whole American continent.

“I became a doctor because when I was a child I used to be chronically ill, going in and out of hospitals very frequently. I got used to the environment and liked seeing how some doctors really cared about their patients and the family around them. I can relate on a personal level when I see one of our guests having a hard time coping with their disease. I know what they are going through”

Being one of the night shift doctors gives him an opportunity to care for our guests when they need the most support, “It’s really a wonderful experience to be here when people need you the most. Sometimes a guest has problems or their condition worsens and it gives me an opportunity to show them that we really care and that we will be always there for them.”

Dr. Cardenas immediately felt at home here, “I have worked in many different hospitals in the region and from the beginning I knew that Sanoviv was very different. It has been the most fulfilling job and place to work at”

Dr. Schiaffino
Claudia Schiaffino Leyva – Treating Dentist

“I had heard a lot about Sanoviv. I was trained as a traditional dentist and I wanted to learn more about biological dentistry”, recalls Dr. Schiaffino. Our practice of Biological dentistry provides excellent care of people’s teeth while preserving the integrity of the body’s organs and tissues. We do this by avoiding the use of harmful material usually associated with traditional dentistry.

Dr. Schiaffino“Speaking as a dentist, my mission at Sanoviv is to apply biological dental treatments in order to bring hope and health to our guests. Our approach is based on the body/mind/spirit connection. Our goal is to clean out toxins and support the healing process.”

She received her dental degree from the “Universidad Autónoma de Baja California” and has had multiple training in holistic and biological dentistry. She has been trained in the diagnosis and screening of NICO (Neuralgia Inducing Cavitation Osteonecrosis) and CAVITAT scan; she is certified in Dental Bio-cybernetics; she is certified in Energy Medicine; has attended several IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine) seminars and is a certified IFM practitioner.

Another aspect of Dr. Schiaffino’s work is teaching our guests about the differences between traditional and biological dentistry. She lectures every week at Sanoviv on different topics illustrating how oral health is connected to the overall health of the body, “Since I began this job, I was really interested and enthused to learn all I could about the connections between overall health and the oral cavity. I love that I can practice my profession and educate others on what I have learned.”

Connecting oral health with all the other aspects of treatment here at Sanoviv has made all the difference in Dr. Schiaffino’s work experience, “I really enjoy the environment we have created in which we are not only a variety health professionals working together to achieve the same vision, we are also good friends doing what we love to do.”

“Sanoviv can be the perfect place for you. You can find answers and learn how to live a healthy life, in all aspects.”

Jonás Chong
Jonas Gilberto Chong Curiel – Head of the Psychology and Spiritual

“Even since I was a small kid I had a sense of service. Helping others and having empathy towards others has been a big part of my life. I found out later that the best way I could channel these strengths was as a psychologist. Although soon I sensed that the mind and emotions, the focus of my work, did not exist in a vacuum, and that other factors came into play that I had no knowledge of”, says Jonas Chong, the Head of our Psychology and Spirituality Department. “This can be very frustrating when you try your best and yet are lacking critical tools”

Jonas Chong“Then all of this changed when I started working at Sanoviv. The idea of a whole team of health professionals working towards one objective, the health of the patient, is pretty amazing. The meeting of the minds and hearts that we have everyday in our meetings at Sanoviv feels like a complete and balanced service to our guests.”

Jonas received his Clinical Psychologist degree from CETYS Universidad and a Masters Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the INTEGRO School of Psychotherapy. He has received multiple training in the application of alternative tools for psychological and spiritual support. Among these are: Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Focusing and Emotional Medicine. He has also received training in meditations, class facilitation and workshop development. He has never really been a stranger to the healing arts, as his father is a Pediatric Surgeon and his mother a Pediatric Nurse.

“What I enjoy the most about my work here is that in spite of the inherent nature of being in a team with people who have different perspectives, somehow, we end up consistently reaching a balance point where the whole person is represented and a true healing plan of action can be created.”

“What we do in this breathtaking place does not happen anywhere else in the world. We are a truly integrated team of health professionals who assess and treat the whole human being. This is the medicine of the future. This can be yours today.”

Fernando Estrella
Fernando Estrella – Treating Psychologist

“I have always been curious about human behavior, even as a kid”, says Fernando Estrella, a treating psychologist at Sanoviv, with a characteristic warm smile. He continues, “I wanted to support others in making positive changes in their lives, as I was interested in changing in my own life. I love what I do and what I’ve accomplished in my work. Being a psychotherapist has given me the opportunity to support others with empathy and kindness.”

Fernando EstrellaHe received his Psychology Degree from the “Universidad Autónoma de Baja California” and has a Masters degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the INTEGRO School of Psychotherapy in Guadalajara, Jalisco. He also has a Diplomate in Family Counseling. He has received training in Mind Body Medicine in therapeutic interventions such as Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Focusing.

“Throughout my life I have had the feeling that I was going to be part of something big. I really didn’t know what that was until I started working at Sanoviv. From that moment on, being a part of this extraordinary holistic approach, I knew what that was. It automatically changed my life.”

Fernando is in charge of leading several educational and relaxation classes on multiple topics that support holistic healing. He feels strongly that with the right information, a person can have an important impact on their future decisions and, thus, on their health. “Every ^day is a constant learning process of sharing and receiving between the staff and guests. I am convinced that each and every person who works here has a wonderful purpose in what they do, and this has an impact on the lives of our guests. That is one of the things I enjoy most.”

Loreta Bravo
Loreta Bravo Sáinz – Treating Psychologist

The Psychology and Spirituality Department focuses on the aspects of the mind, the body, the emotions, the spirit and how all of these are intertwined and connected to our health as a whole. Loreta is a living testament to the development of these aspects of human potential.

“I love my work here at Sanoviv because I am interested in seeing human beings as a whole, not something you can isolate or understand in parts.” Her many studies in the clinical and the experiential setting attest to this.

Loreta BravoShe received her psychology degree from the “Universidad de Monterrey”, a leading school in northern Mexico. She has a Masters degree in Gestalt psychotherapy from INTEGRO School of Psychotherapy. She has done courses in Mind Body psychology focused on therapeutic interventions such as Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and Focusing. She is currently in training to apply Family Constellations Therapy at Sanoviv.

She keeps a continuous and disciplined spiritual practice, spending most of her time off from work in retreats out in nature, expanding the horizons of her mind, body and spirit connection.

She is also a trainer in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. Some of her Yoga training she has done at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing at La Costa Resort and Spa.

Loreta teaches our Yoga Class which is focused on softly stretching the body as a way of relaxation and supporting the detox process. She also teaches meditation, energy medicine and relaxation classes throughout the week.

“I think this is a perfect place to heal. I like how we start the day with our guests practicing meditation and energy medicine. We help them get ready for the day’s healing. This is really a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.”

Oscar Puig
Oscar Puig Donnelly – Nutritionist

Here at Sanoviv, we understand that the proper nutrition is one of the key elements for health and healing. Our nutritionists are committed to supporting our guests and their healing journey with the nutrients that they will need to achieve optimal balance. Oscar Puig, as he reflects on this, comments, “Since I was young, I always liked helping people. The only way I can describe the feeling that I get is… happiness”

Oscar PuigOscar received his degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science at the “Universidad Iberoamericana del Noroeste”, which is affiliated with the most renowned Nutrition school in all of Mexico.

He did his internship with high performance athletes at the “Centro de Alto Rendimiento” and in a professional soccer club in Tijuana, Mexico. He also has training in Muscle Creation and Supplementation from UNIVA in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Recalling what attracted him to work at Sanoviv, he states, “From the first time I came here, I knew this was going to be a great experience for me, not only professionally but also spiritually.”

“Working here has been a great experience; the people and the atmosphere in our work setting is like nowhere else. I feel very blessed to be a part of this great institution”, he adds.

Oscar considers himself a very active person and has been an athlete all his life. And yet the most important thing in his life is his family. He is a very disciplined person and tries to excel at everything he does.

“I invite you to come and experience Sanoviv. The people, the food, the atmosphere and the environment are filled with positive energy. There is nothing quite like Sanoviv anywhere else in the world.”