Miguel Lanzagorta, MD


Chief of Energy Medicine

Dr. Lanzagorta is Sanoviv’s Renaissance man. A true seeker of knowledge, there is not much Dr. Lanzagorta has not studied or integrated into his service towards others. He started his service towards others as a Catholic Monk, studying Philosophy and Theology. After leaving the monastic life, he was looking for his new “identity” and place in the world. He started to explore various religious and psychological fields. He later studied to become an Elementary School teacher, and then he moved on to get his degree in Psychology and finally his degree in Medicine.

He also has a long list of postgraduate studies like nutrition, massage therapy, energy medicine, iridology and body work. He states, “The process of finding my true self developed very organically, with each step moving forward through my own personal issues. I found through this process that I could help others trying to walk the same path I had travelled.”

“More than 30 years ago, I was dreaming and planning about a place like Sanoviv, capable of considering the interactions of the body, emotions, mind and the spiritual aspects of a person seeking help. I also worked in 5 other hospitals, and when I first entered Sanoviv, I was in awe, initially due to its beauty, and after a few minutes I recognized it… It was the dream and vision of my younger times, just waiting for me!”

“I became totally committed to Sanoviv, during the time I was interviewed by Dr. Wentz and others, regarding employment. I asked Dr. Wentz why he founded Sanoviv. He answered: ‘All I seek is to scientifically prove that true prevention and non-toxic treating modalities have at least equal value, if not greater, than waiting for a disease to come and then using toxic, harsh and painful treatments to try to control a disease or rescue a life. I wish to show through Sanoviv, that this new model is far better to bring true healing and improve the economics for the individual and society. This is my vision, my life’s legacy for humanity”. My heart, mind and will power are here in order to be part of this powerful idea turned reality.”

Dr. Lanzagorta’s experience and warmth bring an essential part to what Sanoviv is and will become in the future. The kaleidoscope of tools he acquired in the fields of religion, philosophy, theology, military, psychology and medicine honed his wonderful gifts. “It was at the end of medical school that I realized I was in the position to accompany a person from physical disease, to its emotional and mental connections and straight into an awakening process to recover his/her value and life. And that is what I do at Sanoviv when lecturing, guiding a meditation or guiding someone who seeks to go beyond his/her present status.”

“For all of you who feel medical science has given up on you.

For all of you who feel healthy, had the experience of seeing loved ones deal with chronic health issues and are concerned about your own future.

For all of you who feel great and want to feel even better, Sanoviv is the place for you. Don’t just sit, wait and become another statistic. You deserve the best.”