Fernando Mercado, MD

Dr. Fernando Mercado

Treating Physician

After graduating from Medical School, Doctor Mercado spent 2 years practicing conventional medicine.  He, however became disillusioned with how traditional medicine focused mainly on treating disease  using pharmaceuticals’.  He felt in good conscience, he could not continue to follow this practice as he knew there was much more to healing.  Consequently he quit the medical profession and in an effort to find himself, he turned to the practice of Kundalini Yoga and traveled.  During this time, he also trained and practiced massage therapy which has become a passion for him today.

 When Dr. Mercado found Sanoviv Medical Center in 2005 and learned about their integrative approach to disease, his spark and enthusiasm for medicine returned.  He has joined our staff and is now an important integral part of the medical team.

Dr. Mercado says in referring to his experience with Kundalini Yoga and massage therapy, they have “helped me develop my intuition and the perception of subtle energies of the human body. This allows me to make a multileveled assessment of my guests and deepen my recommendations, not only on how to care for the body, but also the mind and spirit.”

Medical School:  University of Guadalajara in 2000 (one of the oldest and most prestigious universities)

Additional Training: Massage Therapy Kundalini Yoga.

Specialties: Gastrointestinal Repair Detoxification Intravenous Therapies.

Certifications: Intravenous Therapies Detoxification Therapy Electro-Acuscope therapy Myopulse and Ondamed therapy Functional Medicine.

Free time activities: Dr. Mercado enjoys massage, surfing, Kundalini Yoga, cooking and reading.