Claudia Schiaffino Leyva, Dentist


Head of the Oral Health Department

Dr. Schiaffino began her career in traditional dentistry but always had an interest in biological dentistry.  When she heard about Sanoviv and Dr. Wentz’s philosophy of working on the root cause of disease instead of just working on the symptoms… she was ‘hooked’ and wanted to learn more.  When Dr. Schiaffino was hired, she felt very blessed to work here and  enjoys being a part of  Sanoviv’s Biological Dentistry Program which provides excellent care of people’s teeth while preserving the integrity of the body’s organs and tissues.  Dr. Schiaffino says we can do this… “by avoiding the use of harmful materials.”

To perfect her skills, Dr. Schiaffino has traveled internationally to many Academy of Biological Dentisty and Medicine Seminars. She has also attended many advanced trainings on Holistic and Biological Dentistry.  She loves to share her knowledge with her patients, teaching them the difference between traditional and biological dentistry.  She says “Since I began this job, I was really interested and enthused to learn all I could about the connections between overall health and the oral cavity.  I love that I can practice my profession and educate others on what I have learned.”

Dr. Schiaffino has done volunteer work with the Rotary Club.


Medical School:  University of Baja California in 2000

Additional Training

  • Dr. Hal Huggins Protocol
  • Detoxification and Dental Hidden Infections In U.S.A.
  • bone Bioclbernetica Bucal
  • Odontologia Neurofocal bone disease)
  • Biological training at International Academy Of Biological Dentisty and Medicine Seminars


  • Biological Diagnostics
  • Safe Amalgam Removal
  • Gum Therapies with ozone
  • Cavitat Screening (scaning for bone disease)
  • Neural Therapy
  • Meridian Relationships


  • Functional Medicine
  • Biocibernetica Bucal
  • Energy medicine

Free time activities:  Dr. Schiaffino enjoys being with her husband and baby girl, Camila.  She tries to enjoy every moment with them to the fullest.   She loves to laugh, hug people, go out for dinner and watch her favorite T.V. series.