Psychology & Spirituality

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability, or HRV, is a measurement of variation in the heart rate. HRV is usually used to determine the susceptibility of some people to specific health concerns due to poor variation in the heart rate.

Since the main inputs of HRV are the Sympathetic (stress response) and Parasympathetic (relaxation response) nervous systems, we use this tool to measure the levels of stress and relaxation in your body and how well these two parts of your nervous system can coordinate the proper responses for your health and healing.

You will receive this reading at the beginning and at the end of your stay here at Sanoviv, to measure the impact of your treatments on your ability to create relaxation, a vital part of your natural healing abilities.

Total relaxation exercises

One of the fundamental aspects of healing the mind, body and spirit is setting the tone for positive changes to occur. This happens when we are in a focused and relaxed state in our being. We dedicate much of our time here at Sanoviv teaching you how to create the physiologic process called relaxation. While many things you might do in your life “feel” relaxing, you might not be stimulating the actual responses needed in your body to support healing. Sometimes this relaxation actually comes from being distracted from our stress.

We use many different tools to teach you how to create these changes and make this state more permanent through practice. We start every week by teaching you the basics in an evening class that will give you the information you need to start this process.

And all throughout the Psychology and Spirituality programs you will get to experience different ways of creating focus and relaxation in your life. So, in that way you can find the tools that will serve you the best.

Education and Lectures

We have this class once a week to focus on some of the most important aspects that thoughts, emotions and spirituality play in healing. These lectures are meant to give our guests the necessary information and right tools to make meaningful changes in their lives.


Exploring a person’s faith or spirituality in times of distress is an effective way of finding resources where there were none. We dialogue with people of all faiths in their own terms to find the balance between what might be occurring physically in their lives and what can be occurring spiritually. It is widely regarded that spirituality and religion are important factors in coping with and healing from chronic health issues.

Mind Body Connection

We try to explore the connection between the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes of our guests and the manifestation of dis-ease in their body. Strong neurochemical imbalances can occur in the body when we are holding something that is not emotionally or mentally healthy for us. We often see a strong correlation between these mental or emotional aspects and some part of the healing journey that needs to be completed towards wellness.

Existential Therapy

When dealing with chronic health issues, many aspects of our existence that we might have never considered can come to the forefront and leave us feeling confused, alone and without an apparent purpose. The psychologists at Sanoviv are trained to deal with such situations in a pro-active, purposeful way, so meaning can be found even in the most difficult of circumstances, allowing for other levels of healing to occur, not just on a physical level.

Individual Counseling

This is the main healing modality of this department. In these sessions we apply all the tools available to find the root cause of any emotional, mental and/or spiritual imbalance that might be affecting or even triggering health issues; then we create a strategy to bring these aspects back to balance, so the person can feel more empowered and capable of dealing with these issues that were a problem in the past.



Focusing is a process through which you can have a more meaningful relationship with your experiences by being more attuned to the sensations in your body. When we are more aware of these felt senses we are open to undigested experiences or aspects of ourselves. These are some of the main processes that we put into place when dealing with chronic health issues. We find that people dealing with chronic health issues can feel very disconnected from their bodies or even feel disappointed, like their body has let them down. Paying attention to these sensations can be a bridge to a healthier, more effective relationship with ourselves.

Energy Psychology

This is an experimental and rapidly growing field in psychology that is based on the principles of Quantum Physics and Eastern energy systems. The main focus of this healing modality is to work on releasing the emotional charge of thoughts, memories and beliefs that can be hinder our growth and healing. These changes often occur rapidly and are long lasting.


Yoga Class

Yoga can be a great healing tool as this helps us move our body to help detoxification, it helps with healing in general as this supports relaxation and can also be a moment where we feel very connected in all aspects of our life.

This is also a very generic practice that does not focus on any one view of spirituality. It is open to all belief systems and has a great value in your healing.

We practice a very light form of Hatha Yoga that most people can attend regardless of their health issues. Our trainer has experience in adapting the class to meet the needs of the guest.


This is a fun, active class that uses the teachings of Donna Eden to support your overall health and healing. Energy has been used for thousands of years for the purpose of healing; being that all cultures previous to our own used the movement of energy as their main healing modality.

In this class you will learn about different energy systems and how to support them to feel more energized, relaxed and balanced to support your journey into health.

We also have this class six days a week and practice different exercises in each class to leave with many tools to continue at home.



Meditation is sometimes referred as the art of getting to know oneself. There are numerous studies that show us the benefits of meditation to help with high blood pressure, pain management and overall well being.

We practice and teach meditation for the purpose of calming the mind and the body to reach a deeper state of relaxation.

Our meditations are not based on any specific religion or spiritual practice, rather these are intentionally generic so everyone can feel that their beliefs are being represented and honored and the purpose of being relaxed can be achieved.

We have meditation six times a week, with a different meditation everyday, so you can find that one meditation that suits you the best in creating more balance, more relaxation and self awareness in your life.