Bioenergetic Work


  • Medications and Nutritional Testing:

When a point is located that reads below 50, above 60, or has an Indicator Drop, various reagents can be tested in a process called medicine testing.

This is due and possible because all matter, including medicine, has a vibratory signal which is distinct from all other types of matter. This signal enters the patient with the current and reacts with the signals within the patient, often changing the reading.

If a reagent balances the reading, it will probably have a positive effect and can be considered for use as a medicine or dietary supplement. No response means that the reagent would have no effect. A worsening of the response will indicate a negative effect for the body.

  • Toxicity Testing

By detecting the signals coming out of a variety of substances within the body and comparing them to the database of stored frequencies, we can determine the presence of substances classified as “highly aggressive factors” for the health of the microscopic cell.

Most of these chemicals are entering our bodies via breathing, drinking, eating and absorption by the skin. Some of those detectable substances can be:

  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides and fungicides
  • Fertilizers
  • Xenoestrogens (That are affecting the hormonal system of most women and men)
  • Many other commonly household chemicals
  • Allergy Testing

By selecting the particular frequency of a product and transmitting such to the body via the Acupuncture points, the resulting reaction of the body to such input is recorded. A variation of the normal point reading gives an indication if a particular substance creates a hyper-reaction for the particular patient.

The results of such EDST allergy testing have been compared to standard diagnostic modalities such as RAST, serum IgE, intra-dermal allergy skin testing, food re-challenge testing and allergy history analysis, with very accurate and effective results.

  • Dentistry Testing

Dr. Voll found that every tooth relates to different organs and tissues within the body. When a patient has root canals, inflammation, cavitations or metal amalgams, the related organs could be affected. It is more; Dr. Voll felt that 80% of all health problems had major causes in the oral cavity.

By exploring a patient from the dental perspective, the Medical Doctor can make a judgment if it is an organ the one affecting a tooth, or if it is the tooth who is affecting an organ. So, when dental work is done on specific teeth, the underlying organ is supported also.

These are some of the points of why Energy Medicine is such an important part of our Diagnostic and also our Treatment modalities.